As a baby boomer, retired or not, you know there are things you could, and should, be doing differently in your life. But perhaps you simply haven’t had time to figure out what you should be doing next. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to:

Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

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If a successful retirement is your goal, then I want to strongly encourage you to consider this Course: Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement. It was created specifically as a starting point to help you achieve your retirement goals. How does this course - Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement - work? Well, with it you can: Discover a new understanding that retirement is in fact not only a crisis but also a doorway into a new opportunity if only we can pivot our minds to see it.

Secret #1 is about Health

Secret #1 is about Health, which is about ‘healing’, about making us whole again. Despite the advances in medical science, a vast number of retirees face a cocktail of illnesses that await them, simply because they are tired, ‘re-tired’ and have withdrawn from life.

Secret #2 is about Finances

Secret #2 is about Finances, which is about having sufficient monies or savings in retirement. This is an illusion, a fantasy, for 99% of the population, because we will outlive our savings. For example, if you’re looking for an annual income of $40,000, you will need in excess of $2M and possibly as much as $4M, over a 20-year period, yet we may live for a further 30 years or more. So how far can your savings take you?

Secret #3 is about Purpose

Secret #3 is about Purpose, which gives our life meaning. Many boomers are stuck and unhappy in their retirement, and because they don’t know why they blame themselves. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we must change ourselves, and discover what our purpose is. This is not a question you want to be asking on your deathbed.
As you’ve already figured out, there are no online “solutions” available to baby boomers who are ready to grow. This simple course - Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement - helps you get your feet wet and gets you started experiencing some powerful results. Then, when you’re ready for bigger (and usually more time-consuming) changes, you can move on. For now, let’s get you started doing something.
Please note, this course - Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement - is not for everyone. I’m offering it to you because I know you’re serious about making some changes and getting positive outcomes. However, this special offer for you won’t be available for long. If this is right for you, then you need to act now, while I can still offer our limited time pricing. See you on the inside.

Course curriculum

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    Video - Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

    • Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

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    Audio - Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

    • Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

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    PDF - Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

    • Three Secrets to a Daring Retirement

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    • Exercise 1 - Health

    • Exercise 2 - Financial

    • Exercise 3 - Purpose